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While cleaning and winterizing the barn recently, we discovered that we had some aspiring musicians living in the tack room.

These photos are of wasps nests that were built on our window frame. This artwork is done by a specific type of wasp known as the organ pipe mud dauber. They are fairly large wasps, but are a very docile species. They are good to have around because they help to keep the spider population under control. The male wasp stays at the nest and stands guard to protect against preditors that might steal their nest materials or prey and the female goes about collecting spiders.

I think it is uncanny how much these nests look like pan flutes.

Look at how much this one looks like a Renaissance style fife complete with the finger holes.

We’re usually pretty diligent about cleaning out the wasp nests, but it’s hard to get rid of these little treasures.


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Barn Frog

Most of you are familiar with the Barn Cat. It helps rid the barn of mice and rats. We have one of those. But we are also extremely fortunate to have a barn frog to protect us from those vicious crickets. Looks like he’s been very effective.

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Moth becoming a Mother

Bee Happy

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Ladybug Love

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