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I don’t know what the name of this weed is, but I call it “Green Velcro Balls”. This is what I deal with on a daily basis after a splash in the creek and a dash through the weeds.


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When we spotted 2 geese on the pond a couple of weeks ago, we rounded up our two dogs to try to shoo them off. Mayzie and Baylie are great at flushing the geese off the ground, but when the geese swim into the middle of the pond, the dogs are useless. Mayzie, the Bearded Collie, gets waterlogged with all her long hair, and Baylie, the goldendoodle, who should love the water, is still a puppy, and hasn’t yet discovered the joy of swimming.

So after a great flurry of wings, the two geese settled down on the water and I’m sure I distinctly heard them say, “Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah.”
My DH and I started hurling rocks into the water with the objective of creaming them making a big splash near the geese to frighten them off. My underhanded girly lob is not accurate or strong enough to land a rock more than about 30 feet from the shore, so the geese were quite at ease and amused, I am sure. Finally admitting defeat, we headed back to the house to order a couple of slingshots.

As luck would have it, Saturday, we were rewarded with an opportunity for some target practice. Rounding up our roustabouts, we headed down to the shooting gallery. Mayzie and Baylie once again raced around the bank to where the geese were resting, the male standing next to the prone female.

As soon as the geese were safely settled on the pond, we saw several little yellow balls bob to the surface, pop pop pop. The geese had 5 little goslings.
These must be the pair that I saw nesting on Gooney Creek last week and they were on a walk about with their new little family. Hopefully they aren’t planning on moving in.

Disclaimer: No geese were harmed in the making of this blog. We actually love the geese, we just don’t love having them on our pond. We would never do anything to harm the geese, we just want to aggravate them enough that they don’t want to stay.

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Isn’t she too young to be driving?

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A couple of nights ago, as we were walking the dogs, we stopped to pick up the wild life camera to check to see if we had captured any woodland critters. We did get a couple of shots of interesting “Wild Life”.

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Bayley, our 5 month old Goldendoodle, has overheard us discussing the fact that she is going to be much larger than her 50 pound parents, and has gotten the mistaken idea that we won’t love her as much if she gets too big. I caught her on the computer last night writing this song:

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Anyone who knows us, knows it is apparent that we prefer animals with a lot of hair. We have Bearded Collie dogs with 12 inch long hair and we have llamas with loads of wooly fur.  Our recently departed cat was a main coon cross, and had at least 4 inch long hair. She deposited hair on every horizontal surface in the house. As I’m thinking about it, there was cat hair on most vertical surfaces as well. Tim even succumbed to the pressure and decided to grow a beard several years ago. We burn out vacuum cleaners on an annual basis.

The odd thing is this. With all this hair blowing around, it is inevitable that occasionally a hair will appear in our food. We joke that dog hair is a condiment in our house. And when I find a hair on my plate, I will pull it out of the food and identify it. “Oh, that’s Mayzie’s hair” or “that must be a llama hair”, and I think nothing of it and continue my meal. But if I see a human hair, even if I’m positive that it is my own, I suddenly lose my appetite and dinner is a done deal. Go figure.

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Mayzie and Bonny (1997-2011)

Mayzie and Baylie (4 mos old)

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