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By Donna Parkman (me)
A parody of the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement C. Moore

The Spirit of Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all we could see
Was the wreck of the presents unwrapped ‘neath the tree.
The stockings which hung from the chimney with care
Were missing, the mantel now empty and bare.

The tree, how it twinkled, was down on its side.
The star, not so merry, was cracked open wide.
The ornaments, so lovely, now covered the floor.
We stood with our jaws dropped and shut the front door.

The moon, as it shone on the living room rug,
Convinced me that this was the work of a thug.
Then what to my wondering eyes should appear
But our dogs wearing tinsel and smiles ear to ear.

The pups had been nestled all snug in their beds.
Their bones and their toys were encircling their heads.
We were gone only moments, not more than an hour
Now our holiday joy had gone suddenly sour.

The dogs had been good, they had both earned our trust.
Now the damage was done, expectations now crushed.
But they did not know what they’d done had been bad.
They were just having fun, so we could not be mad.

Their joy was contagious, they danced all around.
They were happy to see us, we could not feel down.
We gathered them up and we gave them both kisses,
And told them we know when we’re gone that they miss us.

We righted the tree, the star hung in two pieces.
The stockings were found all intact, but with creases.
The ornaments, lovely once, now were all broken,
But any mad thoughts that we had went unspoken.

The season’s for family and those we hold dear;
For giving and sharing with those far and near.
The doggies reminded us stuff is just stuff.
The spirit of Christmas is love is enough.

In anticipation of decorating our tree and Bayley’s (the goldendoodle) first Christmas, I started envisioning the worst possible scenario that could happen. This poem is my nightmare.


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Bayley the Goldendoodle turned 1 year old over the weekend. A couple of our best friends were staying the weekend, so we decided to throw a party.

This is an interesting photo, as the short dog on the right looks like a long haired basset hound. She is Mayzie, the Bearded Collie. She actually sits about as tall as Bayley, but she is trying (and fairly successfully) to make herself disappear.

Bayley, on the other hand, thinks it is all great fun. Well, she thinks EVERYTHING is great fun.

Here are the doggie birthday cakes. They are made of a slice of FreshPet Refrigerated Dog Food and iced with mashed potatoes.

Yum Yum Eat ‘Em up. (This reference is probably lost on most all of you born after 1960. It was from a hilarious episode of The Little Rascals in which the Wild Man of Borneo terrorized all the kids by chasing them around and chanting the one phrase that he knew how to say. He actually was looking for candy which he loved, but the kids thought he wanted to eat them.)

The “cakes” soon made their way to the floor where the “icing” was smeared all over the place.

I’m not quite sure what Bayley thought of the tiara. The expression looks a bit disdainful, doesn’t it?

Maybe this sums up what she truly thought of it all.

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I don’t know what the name of this weed is, but I call it “Green Velcro Balls”. This is what I deal with on a daily basis after a splash in the creek and a dash through the weeds.

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When we spotted 2 geese on the pond a couple of weeks ago, we rounded up our two dogs to try to shoo them off. Mayzie and Baylie are great at flushing the geese off the ground, but when the geese swim into the middle of the pond, the dogs are useless. Mayzie, the Bearded Collie, gets waterlogged with all her long hair, and Baylie, the goldendoodle, who should love the water, is still a puppy, and hasn’t yet discovered the joy of swimming.

So after a great flurry of wings, the two geese settled down on the water and I’m sure I distinctly heard them say, “Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah.”
My DH and I started hurling rocks into the water with the objective of creaming them making a big splash near the geese to frighten them off. My underhanded girly lob is not accurate or strong enough to land a rock more than about 30 feet from the shore, so the geese were quite at ease and amused, I am sure. Finally admitting defeat, we headed back to the house to order a couple of slingshots.

As luck would have it, Saturday, we were rewarded with an opportunity for some target practice. Rounding up our roustabouts, we headed down to the shooting gallery. Mayzie and Baylie once again raced around the bank to where the geese were resting, the male standing next to the prone female.

As soon as the geese were safely settled on the pond, we saw several little yellow balls bob to the surface, pop pop pop. The geese had 5 little goslings.
These must be the pair that I saw nesting on Gooney Creek last week and they were on a walk about with their new little family. Hopefully they aren’t planning on moving in.

Disclaimer: No geese were harmed in the making of this blog. We actually love the geese, we just don’t love having them on our pond. We would never do anything to harm the geese, we just want to aggravate them enough that they don’t want to stay.

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Isn’t she too young to be driving?

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A couple of nights ago, as we were walking the dogs, we stopped to pick up the wild life camera to check to see if we had captured any woodland critters. We did get a couple of shots of interesting “Wild Life”.

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What can be more tedious than the parent or grandparent that constantly boasts about the achievements and genius of their progeny? Perhaps someone that talks incessantly about the brilliance and accomplishments of their dog. However, I DO have the cutest and most intelligent puppy on earth, so I am completely vindicated.

Bayley turns 6 months old today. I won’t go into all of her amazing accomplishments here. Just suffice it to say, that after completing basic Puppy obedience Levels 1 and 2, her instructor exempted her from Adult Level 1 and promoted her directly to Adult Level 2. Bayley is always selected to be the demo dog when the teacher wants to demonstrate a behavior.

At 6 months, she’s entering puppy adolescence, the equivalent of the human teen years. I’ve been warned that she may start to get hard headed: not coming when called, not doing what she is told. She may not want to be seen walking next to us and will probably start playing virtual Frisbee on the Xbox.

She’s already changed the spelling of her name. We thought we had chosen a rather unique name for her and originally spelled it Baylie. It must be the season for the name regardless of the spelling: Bailey, Bailie, Bailee, Balie, Bayleigh…. There are several dogs we have met with that name. In fact, a male lab puppy in her obedience class was named Bailey. She wanted to be distinctive, so she decided to spell her name Bayley. So typical of young girls at that age.

It’s amazing what dogs learn from one another, both good and bad. Bayley has a 7 year old Bearded Collie sister who is remarkably calm and well behaved.

Bayley thinks that Mayzie hung the moon. From her, Bayley has learned much more about what is expected of a good dog in this household than I could have ever taught her. On the other hand, Mayzie has also taught Bayley that the vacuum cleaner is a fearsome fire breathing dragon, and to hide in a corner whenever it starts to roar.

In the four months that Bayley has lived with us, our daily barn ritual is a constant. Twice a day, I walk down the road with both dogs to the barn to take care of the llamas.

Mayzie will come inside the pasture fence and lie down by the gate and wait for me to do my chores. Bayley, my little shadow, will follow me around as I put out the hay, fill water buckets, and rake up poop, which takes me about a half hour. All the while, Mayzie waits patiently by the gate.

Last week, after obedience class, I returned home with Bayley in the car at llama feeding time. We drove straight down to the barn, leaving Mayzie in the house. Bayley initially didn’t want to get out of the car because Mayzie wasn’t along, and this is a team effort. I left the car door open and went about my work. A few minutes later I looked around to see if Bayley had gotten out of the car. Scanning around, I spied her lying by the gate right in Mayzie’s spot. I imagine she was thinking that guarding that gate was an important job, and since Mayzie wasn’t there to do it, she would have to step up to the task. Oh, to spend a day in my dog’s head.

Bayley's Brain

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